Saturday, March 15, 2008

ok, wow so i haven´t posted in a while....well update...I am in argentina!!!! And i have been here for a month already it is crazy i well i don´t feel like posting so i´ll talk later.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I leave tomorrow!!! And I got my licence today!!! yay it was very exciting. I only get to use it for a day but it is still a good thing that I have it to look forward to when I get home. Well I have to go meet my friends for one last hurrah before I leave.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I freaking hate the DMV or MVA whatever it is in Maryland. So I was scheduled to take my driving test at 1015 this morning and I got there at 945 and waited in like for 20 min and then when I got up to the counter to fill out all the forms they said I couldn't take it because it hadn't been 6 months yet. Tomorrow is apparently the official end of the sixth month but that is a sunday and they aren't freaking open on sundays. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it is sooo gay I wanted my licence so bad. Of course I started crying cause I was super pissed and all but yeah I guess that's life. And then later while I was driving it was like my car had a huge target on it and like everyone seemed to want to ram into my car. It was sooo annoying and my mom said today is the first day that I have felt uncomfortable driving with you. I was like wtf? Anyways when we got home she was like I need 5 min away from you. Well it has been 15 and I still haven't seen her and she is supposed to be helping me pack. Well today was crap so I hope my party goes well tonight because if it doesn't, I get to go to argentina with fond memories of crappy days.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

yay so I finally got my visa today. So this means I am officially legally going to argentina. Crazy stuff.

Anyways today was hectic but I managed to get my visa in one trip to the embassy. However DC is very tiring so I am going to bed now. Goodnight all!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

OMG!!! I can't believe I am actually leaving in 8 days!! SO I think I am starting to freak out a little bit. I mean I am totally excited about going, but I am leaving all my friends and family for a whole year. It is going to be an amazing year.
The only thing I really hope right now is that I get my host family's packet of information, I mean I already know their names and where they live and stuff, but I don't know where I am going to school, or what my family looks like. I sent an email to them last week, and I still haven't gotten a response back. Well I just hope all this happens soon.... And on top of all this, I am going to get my licence on the 9th which is Saturday and if I don't pass I don't get to get my licence for another year and I would have to go through the six permit months and everything all over agian. However, I have full confidence that I will get it.
Anywhoo so yeah I am completley bored at the moment. This week is going to be totally swamped because I have to get my Visa and everything together. I think that I am going to the Argentine Embassy tomorrow to hopefully get everything done. Then maybe my mom and I will go to a neat museum since DC is full of them and I love the museums in DC.
Well I think that is about all I have to say for tonight. Except that I am soooo anxious about going to Argentina. AHHHHHHHHH but it is going to be good.


Friday, February 1, 2008

I seriously think I am going out of my mind with bordem without having anything to do. Just sitting around doing nothing but watching tv and blogging and babysitting. So yeah only 12 days until I actually leave!!! ahhh it is sooo exciting. I am still waiting to hang out with my three best guy friends but alas since they are still in school it is very ard to find a time when all four of us can get together and hang out.

So I totally forgot that this Sunday was super bowl sunday. No plans unfortunatly, but I guess I'll just watch the game on my very large tv. lol So I am rooting for the Pats just because I do every year and I don't like the other team. lol too bad the chargers didn't make it. I only root for them though cause I was born in San Diego.

Well I certainly wrote alot tonight...I guess that's cause I was soooo completly bored out of my mind tonight wathcing tomb raider.

well chue!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So i am officially done with I just have to get ready to go to Argentina.
My Driving Test is Saturday, February once I get my licence I only have 4 days with it. :( but anyways. on a better note, I think my SAT's went really well. :)